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61,384 things to be grateful for:
my wonderful yoga students about 12 hours ago
Being able to share my love of yoga 1 day ago
long chats with a friend 2 days ago
snuggles with my dog 2 days ago
for having the choice to stay at home today to cure my knee 3 days ago
Sitting on the balcony with a good book 4 days ago
Waking up early 4 days ago
my daily morning yoga practice 4 days ago
being reminded of and rediscovering this gratitude app again! 4 days ago
A long weekend ahead 4 days ago
sun and warmth 7 days ago
delicious dinner 8 days ago
Not having to worry about my little sister anymore- I am so proud of her and her strength and intelligence. 8 days ago
an amazing concert. 9 days ago