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57,409 things to be grateful for:
the last night at home before our big journey about 7 hours ago
a hot cup of tea on a cold and windy winters night 1 day ago
a warm muzzle on my lap 2 days ago
Snuggles on the couch with my dog 2 days ago
Kava kava 3 days ago
my ferritin levels rising.. slowly but surely 3 days ago
My incredible co-workers, who provide support, encouragement, laughs, and provocations. 3 days ago
Waking up listening to the changes in the rain, the changes in the wind. 3 days ago
A mild winters day 3 days ago
a sparkling clean house 4 days ago
nature's fireworks, fireflies dancing over the field 5 days ago
uplift 5 days ago
an amazing group of professionals who will support me in my leadership journey 5 days ago
A good massage to loosen my tight muscles 5 days ago