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70,310 things to be grateful for:
TWG Demos 2 months ago
Taking risks 10 months ago
Friends that want me to succeed 10 months ago
That 1THING exists :) over 1 year ago
Celebrating extended family birthdays almost 3 years ago
A good looong afternoon nap about 3 years ago
Feeling great in my jumpsuit about 3 years ago
Listening to a very good podcast episode about self-love for our own body - our body is a temple <3 about 3 years ago
My lovely boyfriend and partner in crime. Felix. about 3 years ago
Feeling a change happening in my life about 3 years ago
My lovely daughter is away, it's her birthday, and I know that she knows that I love her. over 3 years ago
Being able to go into deep nature on my lunch hour and re-energize over 3 years ago
an apparently strong immune system over 3 years ago
a good night's sleep over 3 years ago